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Kawai K600AS

Kawai K600AS

The K-600 AS offers  a level of tone quality and performance that may rival many grand pianos. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K-600 AS is excellent for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.


The AS models from Kawai feature their True Sostenuto Pedal, typically found on modern grand pianos. ...


The Kawai K Series pianos employ a number of innovative designs, such as the Millenium III Upright Action, which is the secret behind the ultra-responsive touch of these pianos.  With outstanding tone and touch, the K Series offers the dependability and character needed to please any performing pianist from the novice to the seasoned professional.


The K-600 AS  is also available with Kawai’s AnytimeX3 system, which enables the piano to be muted and used as a digital piano so that you can listen to your playing through headphones without disturbing people around you.

£10,888.00 Regular Price
£9,289.00Sale Price

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